Buying a house in Bali is a form of investment that holds high prestige value. People even say that, if one has not owned a property in Bali, then one can’t be considered a true investor. It can’t be denied, that Bali is still the most targeted location among investors. There are various types of properties, ranging from minimalist houses for sale in Bali, villas, hotels, or even five-star resorts.

This is because Bali is a special island. Bali has a lot of beautiful places, from beaches, mountains, to hills. Furthermore, the sunset view is unparalleled. Bali also has a tropical atmosphere combined with a magical aura that makes anyone fall in love with this place. Bali, also known as The Island of Gods, has a very strong culture. The traditions are still held up until now. All of this makes Bali very special in the eyes of the world, causing many to wish to buy a house in Bali.

It Started With Vacations, Many Tourists Choose to Stay Longer and Buy a House in Bali

Many tourists who visit Bali choose to stay longer because they’re entranced by the entirety of the island. To buy a house in Bali, they don’t need costs as high as the prices from their homeland. The living cost in Bali is also more affordable compared to other tourist destinations around the world.

The variety of the job market is one of the factors. Nowadays we are required to work in the service industry. Thankfully, in the digital world, people no longer have to go to an office to get a job. They can utilize their skills in the digital world. This is why international tourists are willing to leave their countries. They can start a new life in Bali without worrying about their job.

Apart from being used to live in, the house you buy can also bring you profit

The amount of houses for sale in Bali makes it possible for anyone who is looking to never run out of options. Apart from being used as a home, usually, people who buy a house in Bali can also rent or resell their property. The profits are remarkable. House investment in Bali is very tempting.

People from outside of Bali such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Medan are also competing in buying properties in Bali. From the middle class to the upper class, anyone can buy a house in Bali and gain satisfactory profits.

Local Millennials can also buy a house in Bali

Not only international tourists, the millennial locals who were born in 1981-1996 also have a chance to invest. If they already have enough income or savings to buy a house in Bali, this is achievable.

With the Mortgage System in Bali, buying houses can be done more easily. It can be done by increasing the down payment to ease the installment and the next credit interest. After you’ve paid them off, the house you bought can be rented or resold. This is very profitable, especially with the yearly increase in property prices in Bali. Even now, there are still a lot of houses for sale in Bali for under 1 billion rupiahs.

This can be a good opportunity for the millennials to buy a house as soon as possible to allow them to invest in their house in the upcoming years for bigger profits.

First Time Buying a House in Bali? Do This!

Firstly, you have to be sure whether you truly need a house in Bali. Buying a house in Bali requires a lot of cost so it has to be considered thoroughly. After you’re confident in your decision, try to look for houses for sale in Bali as many as possible. If it’s possible, look for more than three options. You can start by looking for a used house to a house within a residential area in Bali. Check the legality, such as Freehold Certificate, Building Permit, and property tax. Furthermore, pay attention to the location of the house. Don’t forget to determine a budget within your means when you’re buying a house in Bali.

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