Tips untuk Meningkatkan Profitabilitas Investasi Properti: Manfaatkan Peluncuran!

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Despite Indonesia facing a political period, property investment remains attractive. One aspect of property investment believed to be profitable is commercial space.


According to Hyronimus Yohanes, Director of Sales and Marketing at Harvest City, besides location factors, there are three important things to consider when choosing property as an investment instrument. First is paying attention to the right timing when buying property. This refers to the opportunity to purchase property at the launch price because property prices tend to continue to increase.


“Second, it is important to have confidence that the selected property has good prospects so that decisions can be made quickly. And third, the factor of luck,” he said in his official statement on Saturday (September 30, 2023).


He explained that buying property at launch at the launch price would be profitable. This is because the launch price is usually the lowest price offered by developers.


“After that, property prices will continue to rise, especially if sales at the launch are very good,” he added.


Although the general election will be held in a few months, Roni remains optimistic that the property business sector will remain profitable. Although some other sectors may still be waiting and seeing developments, the property sector is believed not to be too affected.


“We are confident that we will not be too affected by the political agenda (general election), because we believe that the commercial property market will continue to experience growth,” he explained.

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