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Minimalist houses for sale in Bali have their own appeal according to many. How could they not? Despite being minimalistic, most of the houses for sale in Bali are still embracing the traditional culture of Bali. Even with their traditional touches, houses in Bali are capable of exuding a luxurious impression and a higher artistic value.

As the name suggests, minimalist houses in Bali have simple designs. Minimalist houses tend to be desired by many for their smaller costs and energy efficiency. Furthermore, minimalist houses are also easier to maintain because there is not too much space. Many houses for sale in Bali for under 1 billion rupiahs have Balinese architecture combined with modern design.

When we talk about minimalist houses, we have to pay attention to the aesthetic aspects. The interiors of minimalist houses are not known to be luxurious, but they can seem elegant. Just like most of the minimalist houses for sale in Bali. Even if they’re not too big and grand, minimalist houses for sale in Bali are still interesting and beautiful, enhanced by the traditional Balinese touch to their interiors.

The Architectural Philosophy of The Minimalist Houses in Bali

Houses in Bali are heavily influenced by the Hindu culture. That can be seen by the placement of the rooms and the details of the carvings. Many minimalist houses for sale in Bali still apply Hindu concepts. For example, the concept of tri hita karana is believed to represent the harmony between humans and God as well as other living beings. The concept of harmony with nature within Balinese houses can be seen from the interiors that utilize natural stones, wood carvings, as well as bamboo. If such is the house of your dreams, you can own one in Bali even if your savings are not enough. Use the Mortgage System in Bali. You can own a house and live in it before you pay off the entire installment.

Generally, there are seven Hindu concepts used in designing a minimalist house to sell in Bali. Aside from tri hita karana, there is tri mandala which directs the segmentation of rooms, and then there is sangga mandala which divides rooms according to the cardinal directions, tri angga which refers to the arrangement of values from the universe to the small elements that exist in humans and architecture. There is also tri loka which represents the concept of hierarchy with three different realms. There is asta kosala kosali which means eight ways to arrange land according to the anatomy of the body, and lastly, there is arga segara which is a sacred connection between arga or kaja (Mountain) and segara or kelod (Ocean). The application of these concepts essentially aims to maintain the natural balance between humans and the universe.

According to that philosophy, there are four aspects that focus on most minimalist houses for sale in Bali. Firstly, the presence of good ventilation, a solid building foundation, a spacious garden, and walls keep the people outside from looking in and protect the privacy of the house owners.

The distinctive features of minimalist houses for sale in Bali

Most of the houses for sale in Bali still have Balinese traditional touches. Whether it’s from the application of the Hindu concept to the use of natural materials within the architecture. This can be seen in most of the houses in elite housing complexes in Bali. Even if there are minimalist houses that are fully modern with no Balinese cultural influence, people still tend to be more interested in minimalist houses incorporated with the Balinese culture. Minimalist houses for sale in Bali with traditional touches surely look more elegant and beautiful.

Houses as such can only be found in Bali. That is why houses in Bali become the most unique compared to other house concepts. A minimalist house in Bali is suitable for the warm tropical climate. Uniquely, that philosophy is also applied to luxurious houses for sale in Bali, villas, hotels, and even resorts. This is what sets apart the property architecture in Bali from those in other places.

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