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The property market is getting traction, this can be seen from the number of consumers that keep looking for houses for sale in Bali. Although we’re still in the pandemic era, the purchasing power of consumers is still relatively good, proven by the savings of the people that are increasing during the pandemic. This prompted several property developers in Bali to gain a raise in sales.

One of the things that can be done by property developers is to monitor the trends that are happening in the market. Turns out there is a high number of consumers looking for houses for sale in Bali with prices ranging from Rp. 500 million to 1 billion. There are a lot of houses for sale for under 1 billion rupiahs, however, there’s still a large number of luxurious house enthusiasts who are willing to buy a unit for more than 5 billion rupiahs. Despite being in the pandemic era, property sales increased by 1,52% and are estimated to keep increasing for the upcoming years.

Property business in Bali is also supported by the Balinese government because it increases income and employment for the locals. This is a profitable opportunity for property developers and investors. The government will keep encouraging people to not only save up but to start investing in property. There are a lot of houses for sale for under 1 billion rupiahs that can be turned into a property investment and will surely bring profit.

Houses for sale in Bali Ranging From Around 100 million rupiahs Only.

Many developers cooperate with banks to use the Mortgage System in Bali surely with lighten the load of buyers to own a house in Bali even if they only have a little bit of down payment. There are many houses for sale in Bali for under 1 billion rupiahs. There are even prices ranging from around 100 million rupiahs. Even so, there is still a high number of houses for sale in Bali for under 1 billion rupiahs with good quality. Minimalistic houses can be an option to meet the budget.

The Chance for The Revival of The Property Market in Bali

Bali has an advantage in tourism because of the beauty of its nature and it became a positive prospect for the property market. This gives Bali a constant demand for more property units. From houses, shophouses, villas, hotels, and resorts, they all point to the many potentials of the property market in Bali as a profitable investment. It’s not surprising to find that the value of houses in Bali is comparable to the other big cities such as Jakarta. The number of tourists that visit affects Bali’s economy greatly, not just in the tourism sector, but also in the property business sector. The more tourists that visit, the higher the rent demand increases. Thankfully during the pandemic, there are still a lot of houses for sale in Bali under 1 billion rupiahs that are gaining more traction from the buyers, giving hope for the property market to slowly revive.

Houses for Sale in Bali for Under 1 Billion rupiahs is still a trend during the pandemic

During the pandemic, the number of tourists greatly decreased and affected the Balinese economy which mostly relies on the tourism sector. However, this year, there are still house buyers in Bali who are investing, which shows that the gears of the economy still have the chance to run. Especially, the majority of the tourists aren’t foreigners, but fellow Indonesians ranging from Balinese locals to tourists from Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, Jogja, and even Jakarta. A lot of them are interested in owning a house in Bali. Most of them are looking for houses for sale in Bali for under 1 billion rupiahs during the pandemic.

There are a lot of options in houses for sale for under 1 billion rupiahs around this area. Even elite housing complexes can easily be found. Various specifications are being offered. Some have a large garden, some have a private pool, and some are in the form of a minimalistic semi-villa.

Since 2019, the search for houses for sale in Bali has been increasing after the government eased the taxes, in relation to low-interest rates, 0% Value Added Tax, and 0% down payment. Entering the pandemic era, the search for houses for sale in Bali is divided into many categories ranging from price to location. Until now, more than 80% of buyers from the total of the property sales are looking for houses for sale in Bali for under 1 billion rupiahs. 

Buyers looking for houses for sale in Bali are showing an increase which caused the sales of properties to rise compared to last year. Within recent years, consumers have mostly been looking for houses for sale in Bali for under 1 billion rupiahs. This shows that the property market is slowly reviving, even if the numbers aren’t as high as usual.

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