Pantai Bingin

Bingin Beach can be described as placed behind the towering limestone cliffs on Bali‘s south coast as if it were a quiet secret. A destination with pleasant weather, majestic cliffs, and relaxation, Bingin is a beautiful hidden gem that serves as an escape for tourists who like to avoid busy tourist spots such as Kuta and Seminyak.

Breathtaking Nature

Bingin Beach is known for its soft white sand and clear turquoise ocean water. The waves in Bingin Beach are challenging, making it a paradise for surfers. Meanwhile, there’s a dramatic and Instagrammable view offered by the limestone cliffs that surround it. In this place, you’ll get to relax under the sun, swim in the refreshing water, and explore the cliffs and hidden caves around it.

Enjoy The View from the Limestone Cliffs

If someone is interested in obtaining a rather unforgettable experience, it is better to climb the limestone cliffs in Bingin Beach. This is a relatively easy hike that even any beginner in hiking could undertake. There will be a good view from the top of the cliff, white sand stretches endlessly, a deep blue sea, and a tiny island in the far view.

The Mysterious Bat Cave

The edges of the limestone cliffs are inhabited by thousands of bats. You will feel a different sensation with a hint of fear when you cross this cave, but that fear will be replaced with awe once you meet the stalactites and stalagmites that decorate the cave.

Witness The Incredible Sunset View

Sunset could also be enjoyed in Bingin Beach and this spot is quite popular among tourists and visitors of Bali. One has to sit on the white sands and watch the sun changing colors from a shade of orange, to red and purplish. But I guess this beautiful moment when you see this view, you definitely will not forget.

Tranquil and Peaceful Environment

Bingin, unlike the other beaches in Bali that are filled to the brim with tourists, offers a calming and peaceful atmosphere. At this pace, you will find serenity as you listen to the calming waves and the soft blowing wind. This unruffled place is ideal for meditation, yoga, or even to spare some time to read a book.

Many Interesting Activities

In addition to swimming and tanning, there are more things that one can do at Bingin Beach. The beauty of it is that there are exciting things that could also be done on a beach. The first one is to rent a surfing board and try to overcome the impressive waves and travel across the sea. If you are the calm type though, do not fret as you can get to try out yoga lessons in any of the studios by that beach. For those who want it more challenging, you can also go hiking up the limestone walls of the island to have a bird’s view of the breathtaking spot at the top.

Mouthwatering Culinary

Bingin Beach has many restaurants and cafes with good tasty food that visitors and tourists enjoy. For the food, you can eat fresh seafood or go with the usual Indonesian local dishes or even order other foods from other countries. In addition, these places also serve a variety of cool drinks including juice, smooth, and coconut water.

Comfortable Accommodations

Near Bingin Beach, there are accommodation options that suit your budget and needs. You may choose to stay in a grand hotel, a comfortable guesthouse, or a private villa with a pool.

Tips For Visiting Bingin Beach:
  • April to October: You’ll get to see clear skies and perfect waves for surfing.
  • How to Get to Bingin Beach: You can reach Bingin Beach with taxis, online motorcycle taxis, or your private cars. Aside from that, you can also rent motorcycles or cars to explore the area.
  • Facilities: Bingin Beach has several facilities such as toilets, bathrooms, and parking areas. Because there aren’t any stores or ATM Machines, you must bring enough cash.

Tips: Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, and comfortable outfit when you’re visiting Bingin Beach. Also don’t forget your towels, cameras, and cash.

Bingin Beach, Bali, Hidden Gem

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