Like other electronic devices, improper use of AC or air conditioner can lead to rapid damage. Unbeknownst to many, certain habits can be the main causes of AC problems. Let’s take a look at the following explanations regarding habits that can damage AC units.


As reported by George’s Heat and Air & All American HC on Tuesday (12/12/2023), here are four habits that are often unconsciously practiced and can quickly damage AC units at home

Neglecting to Replace or Clean the AC Filter

One bad habit that can damage AC units is forgetting to regularly replace or clean the AC filter. The AC filter plays a crucial role in cleaning the air entering the house.

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If the AC filter is too dirty, it can obstruct the airflow and make the AC work harder to maintain the room temperature. Apart from increasing electricity bills, infrequently cleaned filters can also damage the machine by working under higher pressure, thereby reducing the lifespan of the AC.


It is recommended to replace the AC filter at least once a month, especially during hot weather. However, in winter or rainy seasons, the filter replacement can be done at least every three months. If there are pets at home, it is advisable to replace the filter more frequently.


Placing Large Furniture Too Close to the AC

A commonly unnoticed mistake by homeowners is placing large furniture too close to the bottom part of the AC. This can cause damage to the AC because the ventilation cannot work optimally due to the obstruction from the furniture.


Not Performing Regular Checks on the AC Condition

Another common mistake that can accelerate AC damage is only calling for AC service when it is already malfunctioning. Regular maintenance is essential for the efficient operation of the AC.

Calling for AC service regularly will help identify potential issues and fix them before they become severe. This approach also ensures that homeowners are more regular in cleaning and replacing the AC filter.


Closing Ventilation in Some Parts of the House

Often, homeowners close ventilation in some parts of the house, hoping to save energy when using the AC. However, this is a mistaken belief.


AC is designed to cool specific-sized rooms, as indicated by the AC capacity, such as AC 1/2 PK, 1 PK, or 2 PK. Closing ventilation in some parts of the house can reduce the space that needs to be cooled by the AC, causing the AC to operate beyond its capacity. As a result, the AC will work longer to reach the desired temperature, potentially causing freezing in the evaporator coil, increasing electricity bills, and shortening the lifespan of the AC.


These are the four habits that can quickly lead to AC damage. We hope this information is useful for you!

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