Prospek Bisnis Properti di Bali: Hunian yang Menyatu dengan

Post-election, there are predictions of a surge in Indonesia’s economy. After a fairly long ‘wait and see’ period, investors from various sectors seem to be awaiting the right momentum. From the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the process of Indonesia’s economic recovery hindered by the 2024 election contestation.


With the increasingly conducive situation in Indonesia, investors’ positions in taking strategic steps, and global geopolitical stability pushing foreigners to seek safe and comfortable places to invest, Indonesia is increasingly in the spotlight as a country with a stable economy.


The economic progress of Indonesia has attracted the attention of many foreign investors interested in developing their investment portfolios in the homeland, both on a corporate and individual scale.


One area showing a significant increase in property prices and occupancy rates is Bali. Let’s explore further detailed information in this article.


Bali is considered a safe and attractive place to invest by many. Every year, millions of new tourists flood the Island of the Gods. With the rapid growth of the tourism sector in Bali, property development is also booming in this area.


Not only local residents or Indonesian citizens, but also foreigners are participating in the benefits of the property business in Bali. From Russian-Ukrainians, Middle Easterners, Europeans, to Americans, all are interested in the property business potential in Bali.


The growth of the tourism and property sectors in Bali has led to a consistent increase in property prices. This is certainly an opportunity as well as a challenge. The presence of many tourists is indeed a crucial factor in this business as it attracts increasing interest. However, the challenge lies in the basic economic principle where high demand will result in price increases.


A real example is seen in the Canggu area. There, the development of commercial and residential properties, such as villas, is rampant. This has led to a continuous increase in property prices. In fact, its effects are felt in areas like Pererenan, Cemagi, Tanah Lot, Nyanyi Beach, and Kedungu. The growth in property prices and increasing interest make this area a focus of Bali’s tourism development, accompanied by various developments of new tourist spots, Beach Clubs, and bustling Villas.

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