Tanaman Hias Pagar yang Cocok untuk Dekorasi Halaman Rumah dengan Perawatan yang Mudah

The use of ornamental plants on home fences can provide a refreshing and natural impression. However, we often find it challenging to choose the right plants for our home yards. Here are some options for ornamental plants suitable for fence decoration that are easy to maintain and suitable for planting in home yards, as quoted from Southernliving:


  1. Hydrangea

   Hydrangeas like ‘Nikko Blue’, ‘Endless Summer’, ‘Little Lime’, ‘Ruby Slippers’, ‘Incrediball’, ‘Bobo’, ‘Quick Fire’, and ‘Bluebird’ are excellent choices. These plants require full morning and afternoon sunlight, as well as fertile soil. Plant them along sturdy wooden fences for the best results.


  1. Azalea

   Azaleas, especially Southern Indica hybrids like ‘Formosa’, can be an interesting option. Short wooden fences in the front can help arrange azaleas while framing their beautiful blooms when spring arrives. You can also create a similar effect with other spring-flowering shrubs.


  1. Climbing Roses

   Climbing roses are perfect for adorning beautiful fences. These roses provide beauty with their sweet aroma, spring blooms, and the possibility of blooming repeatedly until fall. These plants thrive in full sunlight with fertile, well-drained soil.


  1. Morning Glory

   Morning Glory, known for its trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom every morning, is a climbing plant. However, if you prefer to enjoy them in the evening, moonvines are the right choice. These plants also bloom with heart-shaped leaves and flower on cloudy days or after sunset, with attractive color variations.


  1. Camellia Flowers

   Camellia flowers are a great option for shady home yards. These plants can bloom in fall or winter, with some growing into small bushes and others developing into attractive pine trees. Plant them in acidic, fertile soil with good drainage in shaded areas.


By choosing one or several of these ornamental plants for your fences, you can add a beautiful touch to your home yard with easy maintenance.

Ornamental Plants for Fences, Easy Maintenance, Home Yard Decoration

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