A house is one of the most valuable assets for anyone, obtainable through developers using Home Ownership Credit (KPR) or cash purchase. However, another alternative is to build your dream home from scratch after acquiring land.


Choosing to build independently requires careful financial planning, including expenses for construction materials, labor wages, and other costs. This is crucial as building a house from scratch is not an easy task, especially considering the required funds, leading some to opt for gradual construction.


In building your dream home, it’s important to align the design with your financial capabilities. If funds are limited, a minimalist and aesthetically pleasing house can be a wise choice. This article will briefly discuss minimalist house construction, including concepts, cost estimates, and tips for building economically yet comfortably.


The concept of minimalist houses is inspired by the Japanese philosophical teachings of Zen, emphasizing the harmony between body and mind in life. This concept reflects the aspiration for a simple life closely connected with nature.


If you intend to build a minimalist house, there are several factors to consider:


  1. Labor Cost Estimation

There are three common payment systems used in house construction: daily payment, per-project payment, and lump sum payment. Each system has different cost estimates. For example, daily payment typically ranges from Rp100-150 thousand per day.


Meanwhile, the cost for per-project payment ranges from Rp600-800 thousand per square meter. As for lump sum payment, the cost is higher, estimated at around Rp3-5 million per square meter. It’s important to note that per-project payment only covers labor, while building materials must be provided separately.


  1. Land and Building Size

Suppose you want to build a house with dimensions of 21×60 meters. This means you need a 60 square meter land with a land price of around Rp2,000,000 per square meter in your desired location. Thus, the cost for buying the land would be Rp120,000,000.


Next, you need to estimate the cost of building the structure itself. This includes expenses for purchasing materials such as sand, bricks, cement, roofing tiles, and ceramics. The cost can vary depending on the chosen payment system, whether daily or per-project.


  1. Additional Costs

During the construction process, there may be changes or additions desired, such as building a garden or adding ornaments. The costs for these should also be considered in the budget. As a guideline, allocate around 10% of the total budget for these additional costs.


By analyzing these three aspects, you can estimate the total budget for building a minimalist house of a certain size. Of course, these figures may vary depending on market fluctuations, especially for building materials.


Tips for Cost Savings in House Construction


Building a minimalist house can be a significant investment, with costs reaching over Rp100 million. Therefore, several strategies can be applied to reduce construction costs:


  1. Utilizing Flexible Labor

Labor costs are one of the biggest expenses in house construction. If you have acquaintances or relatives with experience in construction, you can negotiate with them to get more affordable rates.


  1. Efficient Material Selection

Choosing efficient building materials can help reduce construction costs. Currently, there are many quality options available at affordable prices.


  1. Choosing the Right Location

Land prices significantly affect the total construction cost. Choosing a strategic location can help save on land purchase costs.


Stay Up-to-Date

Building a minimalist house can be a solution to reduce construction costs. However, it’s important to stay informed about the latest information regarding building material prices, land, and labor rates. If there is a shortage of funds during the construction process, Unsecured Credit (KTA) facilities can be considered as an option.

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