Strategi Investasi Lo Kheng Hong: Generasi Muda Sebaiknya Membeli Rumah daripada Mobil

Lo Kheng Hong, an individual investor with ownership stakes above 5 percent in four companies, offers advice to the younger generation on investment choices between buying a house or a car.


According to Lo Kheng Hong, it is wiser for the younger generation to allocate their money to buying a house rather than a car. He states that it is important to invest in assets that tend to increase in value over time, rather than assets that tend to depreciate.


Lo Kheng Hong highlights that cars, including luxury cars, tend to depreciate, where their value will continue to decrease over time. Conversely, he emphasizes that property values, such as houses, tend to increase from year to year.


He criticizes the views of some people who prefer to buy cars rather than houses, especially if the main reason is for showing off. For example, Lo Kheng Hong reveals that he himself prefers to continue using the Volvo car he has owned since 1995, as part of the frugal and simple lifestyle he adheres to.


Lo Kheng Hong underscores that buying a house with a Mortgage Loan (KPR) can be a wise choice for many people, especially those who cannot afford to buy a house in cash. He emphasizes the importance of considering various factors, including monthly income, before making a purchase decision.


When discussing whether it is better to rent or buy a house, Lo Kheng Hong asserts that the decision largely depends on the situation and financial capabilities of each individual. For those with financial capabilities like Warren Buffett, renting a house may be a wiser choice because they can use their capital for more profitable investments. However, for most people, buying a house is considered better than renting.

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