Regulation for Foreigner

Leasehold Regulations :

  • Duration: The lease lasts for 30 years.
  • Tax: 11% of the contract price.
  • Notary Fee: 1% of the contract price.
  • Management Fee: IDR 10,000 per square meter times the land area, billed monthly. This fee applies for the first two years from the date of handover and covers:
    • Security services
    • Common area maintenance
    • Villa yard upkeep
    • Swimming pool maintenance.

Any changes to the Management Fee after the initial two years will be communicated in advance. To renew the lease after 30 years, you'll need to account for VAT and the then-current notary fees.

For a leasehold, one must possess a KITAS. The initial 30-year lease can be immediately extended from the beginning. For example, you can extend it by 30 years twice, totaling 90 years. The notary fee for each extension is 1% of the respective contract price. In the case of the 90-year extension mentioned, the total notary fee would be 3 times 1%."

Note: KITAS is an acronym for "Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas" which translates to "Limited Stay Permit Card" in Indonesia.

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