Bingin, set in the southern part of Indonesia’s fabled island of Bali, presents a stunning image of nature’s serenity. A miracle for those who have the opportunity to be surrounded by nature and have a peaceful and restful lifestyle, it is a promising investment for those who will own a villa in Bingin.

Experience life in a way that each second is a Special Vacation

Certainly, one can envision the idea of waking up in the morning and having the magnificent view of the Indian Ocean just outside the window and waking up to the sound of the sea breeze and waves. That is the beauty of owning a villa in Bingin, you can embrace and capture on camera such moments any time you wish. The cherished moments of the island stay are guaranteed in the comfort of the villa for you and your loved ones.


Mornings spent lazing about, sipping coffee, and reading in your courtyard is something we all aspire to at some point


Take advantage of your free time by having your Edwardian pool complete with a tropical garden atmosphere. Apart from this, taking a possible natural bath, one can also enjoy sunbathing on the pool deck with a music selection. Savor a fresh Balinese tea which is served while lying on the umbrella chaise, watching children happily play in a sandbox area.


Bored out of its wits by days spent stuck indoors?


Needless to say, some of life’s most transcendent moments are tailor-made for outdoor enjoyment


Laze in the villa and wake up confined to the terrace and take a sunbath. Your energy to prepare for the day is what you want. Start your day with breakfast and have a sea view of the ocean. It provides a good idea to take the family out for a picnic in the garden since you are given good views of nature around.


Romantic Nights Under the Stars


Just imagine a pleasant, warm, and romantic night under the Stars, teasing the sky with chunks of fire or maybe just laying on grass and watching the beauty of the sky. Happiness is but a way of life that should be savored to the fullest.


Have a barbecue dinner outside in the compound where there is a garden you’d be eating under the lighted candles as well as the stars. Feel comfortable and have sweet emotions in the fantastic couple’s chamber. I have the most memorable and melodious tune ever; the sound of the waves washing against the seashore.

This villa is not only a living place but also a human’s private heaven for her to find delightful tranquility and fresh nature tours in Bingin.

The business which indeed has endless profit opportunities

Due to this Bingin holds several attractive features for many tourists on Bali Island as many surfers consider it one of their preferred destinations. This area has always been occupied by those who need a comfortable and secluded living space. Overwhelming chances of having a good business in Bingin villa rental will be realized if one decides to own a villa. Alternatively, you can use Airbnb or Booking applications to make a leveraged use of it. Advertise your villa through a website so that tourists globally come over to your place. Offer various attractive facilities and services such as:


  • Breakfast: Offer your guests Balinese or continental breakfast to have a taste for choice to suit their palate.
  • Spa services: Offer gourmet dining in the villa with outside catering services to serve delicious food and arrange for enticing spa deals with the local spa service centers that offer invigorating massage and body treatments.
  • Yoga classes: Enrich telling about the following facilities and invite tourists to begin the day with yoga on an open platform with a stunning view of the sea.
  • Tour activities: Engage local tour operators, where there is mutual agreement that they should provide attractive tour packages of some interesting and economical tourist destinations nearby Bingin.


Further testimony that stocks are an investment with increasing value potential can be expressed by the following arguments:


Bingin, for instance, as one of the tourist destinations in Bali has records of high rise in both land and property prices. By deciding to invest in a villa in Bingin, people can be able to get more out of it in the long run. For Bali, it can be expected that the development of tourism in the region will remain on the rise, and as a consequence, the value of your villa likewise.


In addition to potential price increases, owning a villa in Bingin also offers benefits such as:


  • Passive income: In this case, you will have an opportunity to make an extra income from the rental of the villa during off season.
  • Personal use: You can use it for your vacations, spending time with your family or simply staying at the villa without a worry about days and time.
  • Property value appreciation: In the future, the value of the villa can be further appreciated due to some improvements or the addition of structures such as the second level.
Living a Healthy and Peaceful Lifestyle

Today, many people are likely to lead unhealthy lives and engage in activities that may make others feel provoked, hence the need to live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. If one is going to visit Bingin, then, it will be equal to visiting nature that is functional and beautiful at the same time. Here are the diverse possibilities, which are available for practicing in the open air. One of them is swimming in the sea; this proves to be fascinating; at the same time, it could be a fun way of enhancing one’s health. In addition, the activities that people engage in during their free time are also worth exploring, besides sporting activities; surfing the challenging waves is also a good experience.


Swimming in the Blue Sea


The sea at Bingin is crystal clear, and swimming in it is great fun, something that the visitors will never forget. Be amazed by the feeling of the salt water splashing on your face and the multicolored coral gardens beneath.


Challenging Yourself with Surfing


Those, who are eager to be amazed with the incredible energy and sharp wall formed by Bingin’s point break, will have an opportunity to become thrilled while surfing. If new to surfing this is a great opportunity to meet many professional instructors that will prepare you to face the waves.


Healthy Hiking


You can engage in strenuous hikes around the Bingin cliffs for those who partake in hiking challenges. Breathtaking rocky cliffs are perfect for picnicking and admiring fresh air and, of course, the sea. This activity is one of the fun activities that can be conducted besides ensuring that your health is well taken care of.


Exploring the Surrounding Nature


Besides swimming, surfing, and hiking, you can also explore various interesting places around Bingin, such as:


  • Padang Padang Beach: The major attractions that are loved by the visitors to this beach include the large waves and the caves.
  • Dreamland Beach: A wonderful beach that offers quality facilities from hotels, which gives one an excellent view of the ocean.
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park: In this cultural park there is the great statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana and tourists can watch Balinese dancers and musicians too.
  • Jimbaran Art Market: Here at this traditional aforesaid market, you will be able to come across very diverse souvenirs and pieces of jewelry amongst the handicrafts of Bali.


Fresh Air and Tranquil Environment


When it comes to real estate and choosing a place to live, moving to Bingin is like going back to the moment when one has no time for queues, shop windows, advertisements, pop-ups, billboards, etc. One must be proud of the fresh air and a comfortable environment because nothing can disturb the balls and make them stressed. Have a good time and be free to gain that kind of happiness which is priceless in the light of constant worries of modern everyday life.

Join a Warm and Friendly Community

The people of Bingin are welcoming and friendly due to the cultural practices that have been imbibed from their ancestors for generations. You will be thrown straight into their midst, easily blend with them and feel the vibrancy of Balinese culture. Extend your hospitality and get a home-like welcome from the friendly local people. Enjoy various traditions and local wisdom that are still preserved, such as:


  • Traditional ceremonies:  Being able to witness basic and spiritual ceremonies of the indigenous people in Bingin could be one of the most outstanding experiences that you could ever get.
  • Art performances: Experience the beauty of warm Balinese hospitality and observe the artistry of traditional Balinese dancing.
  • Balinese cuisine: Experience Bali off the restaurant menus as you enjoy different succulent delicious flavored Balinese food.
Bingin: Dream Investment, House of Your Dreams, Much More than a Home

Having a villa in Bingin is much more than possessing a house; it is about having a perfect life. The beautiful scenery and natural environment, opportunities for business, advantageous health conditions, and a welcoming population make Bingin the right choice for people who dream of leaving the noisy urban environment and choosing a more measured and gradual lifestyle.

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