Investasi Properti di Bali Menjadi Pilihan Utama di Tengah Pandemi

The pandemic era is deemed opportune for property investment, offering more stable returns compared to other investment instruments. Properties exhibit a balanced increase in value aligned with inflation and hold potential for continual appreciation over time, especially when rented out.


According to Caleb Kosashi Mansjur, Director of PT Nuansa Permata Bali, Bali properties remain attractive to investors despite the pandemic. Villas in Bali stand out as an enticing investment option, particularly in premium locations. “Despite the downturn in 2020 due to Bali’s tourism restrictions, the tourism industry is gradually recovering, positively impacting the property market,” stated Caleb Kosashi in his remarks on Tuesday (6/22).


Caleb Kosashi also noted that investing in Bali villas is becoming more appealing due to the limited number of developers constructing villa complexes. “Many developers prefer to focus on apartments and landed houses, hence the villa market still holds potential for value appreciation,” he added.


“Therefore, the ‘wait and see’ factor is not significant for investors. What matters more is the investment instrument they choose, and property is one of the safest and most profitable investment instruments, especially amid political situations,” he said.


Satya, an investor, added that property investment in Bali is highly promising, given the increasing number of both domestic and international tourists over the past three years. “In 2018, the number of international tourists reached 5.7 million, which is a tremendous potential for property investors,” he said.


Satya also emphasized that aside from price, property location is a crucial factor for consumers. He pointed out that villa owners have the flexibility to either reside in or rent out their properties. Rental prices for villas in Pecatu and Uluwatu areas can reach 14 million per night. However, to attract more renters and reach tourists with more affordable budgets, Satya stated they could offer rentals starting from Rp3 million per night.

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