House Purchase with the Indent System

In marketing housing projects, developers typically offer two options to potential buyers: ready-to-move-in houses and indent houses.


Definition of Indent Houses

An indent house is a property that has been sold by the developer but has not yet been built and is not ready for occupancy. When purchasing an indent house, potential buyers usually place an order with the developer, reach a mutual agreement, and once the terms are agreed upon, the developer initiates the construction of the house.


For indent houses, developers will showcase sample designs, including dimensions, floor plans, and locations. If potential buyers are interested, they can reserve a unit in the specified location based on the offered design. Once available, buyers often have the opportunity to view constructed sample houses. The indent house system requires buyers to place an order and wait for a certain period, depending on the policies of each developer.


Advantages of Buying an Indent House


Freedom to Choose Desired Options:

Since an indent house is built after reaching a mutual agreement between the developer and the potential buyer, buyers have the freedom to choose the position of the unit or plot offered by the developer. Unlike ready-to-move-in houses, potential buyers have the opportunity to determine the desired interior design through direct consultations with the developer. Some developers also provide options for custom layouts tailored to the buyer’s preferences.


Ability to Monitor the Construction Process:

By visiting the construction site, buyers can check whether the construction process aligns with the mutual agreement made with the developer. Additionally, they can assess the quality of the house being built.


Truly New Houses:

Since an indent house is constructed upon the buyer’s order, once the house is completed, the developer performs a handover, allowing buyers to immediately occupy a 100% brand-new home.


Promotions and Convenient Payment Systems:

Developers offering indent houses typically provide various enticing promotions to attract potential buyers. Additionally, flexible payment systems are available, allowing buyers to choose installment plans with a tenure of up to 24 months or staggered cash payments based on the construction progress. Some banks also offer mortgage options (KPR) for indent houses.


How to Ensure Safety when Buying an Indent House


Check the Developer

Firstly, find out who the developer is for the housing project. Verify if the developer has experience in building housing projects and if they have successfully completed projects in the past.

You can check information about the developer through their website and social media or inquire on property industry forums or ask friends or family familiar with the real estate industry.

It is important to choose a developer with a good reputation and a proven track record of successfully building housing projects.


Verify The Documents Completeness

It is crucial to check whether the developer has all the necessary documents for constructing and implementing the project, such as Land Certificate, Building Permit (IMB), Building Usage Permit (IPB), Location Permit, Land Utilization Aspect, Approved Site Plan, and Land Use Designation Permit (SIPPT).


Checking the Construction Location:

By inspecting the construction location of the house, you can assess the surrounding conditions and observe the infrastructure development around the housing area.

If there are already completed units at the location, you can also check the authentic appearance of the houses and verify if they meet your expectations.

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