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Bingin is a coastal village based in the South of Bali which is famous for its beautiful appearance and natural view of coastal beaches, beautiful cliffs as well as whispering tranquility. Those individuals who are interested in tranquility and being in touch with nature shall choose Bingin.

Thus, it is critical to choose the right villa with all the conveniences that will make the accommodation unforgettable in Bingin. Here are some must-have features for your dream villa in Bingin:

1. Breathtaking Ocean Views

Bingin is well known for incredible backgrounds that can only be described as ocean cliffs. Make sure that the villa you select is picturesque and the exterior particularly, including balconies and the terrace, overlooks the ocean. This view is going to give you company during the entire time you’ll spend here, and your mood is going to be as calm as the water.

2. Private Swimming Pool

Swimming in individual pools while still feeling the sea breeze is one awesome experience and worth it. We advise that you take a villa with a pool that will accommodate your entire family well. This becomes a place for rest and playing with water for children.

3. Charming Garden

Essential beauty comes in the form of a beautiful garden around the villa to increase the natural environment as well as give a cool touch. Take some time to read a novel under the shade of a tree in a rather fancy garden, take a cup of tea during the middle of a fine day, or just have a barbecue with friends and family.

4. Well-equipped Kitchen

A self-contained kitchen with modern equipment used in cooking is among the basic requirements for those who enjoy cooking. This helps you in cooking your required foods because the markets offer fresh foods for sale.

5. Comfortable Living Area

Socializing area of the house refers to the living area which is the common place where families or friends gather. Make the living room of your villa large enough and furnished adequately with the most essential furniture for a villa such as sofas, television, and good speakers.

6. Comfortable Bedrooms

A superior quality of comfort is maintained in bedrooms providing large, comfortable beds that provide restful sleep. Select bedrooms to have windows with a nice view of the surrounding environment and sufficient light.

7. Modern Bathrooms

Hot water and shower facilities of a modern standard are mandatory during the periods of the tourist season. A few even include the luxuries of bathtubs giving you the feel and opportunity to relax after a day of tours.

8. Stable Wi-Fi

As for the modern world with its advanced usage of the World Wide Web, stable Internet connection is vital. Select a villa with offers and consistent internet for you and your families to use without additional charges.

9. Friendly Service

Villa staff are more friendly and always willing to assist you to make your stay more delightful. Choose a villa with staff willing to help you with different issues, which include ordering meals, booking a taxi, or recommending and booking interesting places to visit.

10. Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are important when on a holiday. Choose a villa with a sound security measure in place for the accommodation and the area is secure.

Additional Facilities:

On top of the aforementioned amenities, some Bingin villas offer extra facilities like:

  • Private spa
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Children’s playroom
  • Babysitting services
  • Private chef services

When you have considered all the features you want in a villa, then, you are sure to have a good time of your life in Bingin.


  • Reading the reviews of previous visitors will be of help when planning to choose Bingin Villas.
  • Research the prices being offered by different villa providers before you book.
  • It is advisable to arrange for the villa much earlier in advance more so when you are planning on going during the holiday season.

Thus, Bingin is the perfect place for vacation and to indulge in the natural surroundings of Bali. Deciding the right villa with full of facilities creates a memorable experience that makes you wish to have more vacations in Bingin.

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