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Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world which adds its beautiful natural sceneries, colorful and traditional culture, and hospitable people to make it a favorite tourist’s island for many years now. This not only captures the attention of tourists but investors as well who are keen on making the best of excellent business prospects such as buying ripe assets in the likes of villas in Bali.

Purchasing a villa in Bali is not only a decision to acquire a house that is luxurious and the like a vacation home but it is also wise as an investment. Here are some financial benefits you can obtain:

  1. High Potential Passive Income

Bali is one of the preferred tourist destinations regardless of the timeframe chosen for the visit. This of course gives you enough room or chance to sublet your villa to many tourists. In a nutshell, your villa becomes a good investment that will yield you steady and healthy returns if well managed.

Based on the records obtained from Airbnb, on average, villa rentals in Bali are occupied 60% per year. Having an average rental price of IDR 1,500,000 on a three-bedroom villa, the villa is capable of making a gross income of about IDR 270,000,000 annually.

Naturally, the income you earn will be relative to the location, the type of facilities around you, and the marketing strategies applied. Nonetheless, the promise of big returns is very tempting to investors.

  1. Stable Property Value Appreciation

Indeed, from the data collected recently the property prices especially those of the villas in Bali have been known to progressively be rising. This phenomenon is due to high tourists and investors’ demand and scarcity of the area for the development of new territories.

Knight Frank Indonesia has suggested that over the last five years, the villa price has on average risen by 5%. In the future, there is a high likelihood that the profitability or the value of your investments in villas for tourism in Bali will increase.

  1. Investment Portfolio Diversification

Purchasing a house, particularly a villa is the best way of diversifying investments in Bali. This simply means that being an owner of property assets, you want to decrease risk and at the same time increase your possibility of getting the best returns possible.

Talking about the major properties, the investment in villas is not greatly related to the other instruments like stocks and bonds. Thus, their value often does not fluctuate compared to the situation observed in the main financial markets.

  1. Tax Benefits

The Indonesian government also provides several tax exemptions/recognition to villa owners because the Indonesian government encourages property investors. You may be able to give your rental income to a charity, for it to give you a tax break or a tax reduction.

Besides, other opportunities will help to receive the tax privilege, for example, the exemption from VAT or property taxes.

  1. Free Vacations and Luxurious Lifestyle

The question ‘Why do people buy villas?’ ‘Why do they want to live in a villa in Bali?’ or ‘Why do they opt to have a villa investment in Bali?’ can be answered in the following ways: You are allowed to spend your holidays in the Villa rented by you and your loved ones anytime you wish.

Besides, other amenities are normally accorded by villas which include swimming pools, spas, as well as catering services.

  1. Valuable Inheritance

Your future generations will be able to wake up in the desirable area that the Bali villa will offer. A villa is a good heritage to leave behind for your children and grandchildren because the price of the land does not dip, instead the rents are fixed.

Considerations Before Buying a Villa in Bali

Before deciding to buy a villa in Bali, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Location: It should be located in a strategic area that visitors will have an easy time finding it from the common tourist attraction sites.
  • Facilities: While designing the villa, it should be equipped with amenities like a private swimming pool, beautiful garden, and kitchen.
  • Management: It is perhaps advisable to hire a reputable firm or company to offer property management services for your villa.
  • Costs: Include all the costs that are directly associated with the ownership of the villa including the cost of maintenance, taxes, and cost of insurance.

If one’s motivation for purchasing a property is linked to the hope of profiteering or living a lavish lifestyle, then acquiring a villa in Bali might prove to be a viable decision to make. Therefore, with a proper strategic approach, it is possible to achieve the highest success in leasing a Balinese villa in terms of the return on investment.

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