Properti Mewah di Bali Semakin Dicari

Sales of luxury properties in Bali surged in 2022 alongside the recovery of the tourism sector and the implementation of a second visa by the government. Demand for villas and luxury homes from both domestic and international markets in tourist areas like Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sanur, and others continues to rise for property developers in Bali.


According to Eliya Elhaji, Managing Director at Royal T International, the property market in Bali currently consists of 20 percent international market and 80 percent domestic market. Although the domestic market remains strong, the international market is growing, especially after the implementation of the second visa, which provides opportunities for expatriates to own property in Bali under the leasehold scheme.


Despite the pandemic hitting Bali, sales of premium properties remained stable, even growing by 20 percent. However, villa rentals experienced a 50 percent decline over the two years of the pandemic.


The need for properties in Bali is not only as residences but also as long-term investments, which continues to drive property sales. This is because property prices continue to increase every year. Bali remains an attractive international tourist destination, leading to a continuous increase in demand for properties, especially from foreigners who wish to live and work in Bali. In addition to sales, demand for property rentals has also increased since June 2022.


Eliya also noted that property rental prices have increased, for example, the rental price of a villa in premium areas which previously was Rp150 million per year can now reach Rp350 million. This is due to the increasing demand and property owners’ desire to gain more profit after their income decreased during the pandemic.

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