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Bali always captivates with its unmatched beauty. Apart from its mesmerizing natural charm, its distinctive cultural heritage sets it apart from other regions in this country. One of the striking features of Balinese culture is its unique and exotic architectural style.


The decision to settle in Bali is often carefully considered due to various factors. However, if the dream of living in Bali cannot be realized, you can still experience the Balinese ambiance in your home through renovation. Here are some typical Balinese styles that can inspire you to perfect your home:


  1. Spacious Home Garden


A characteristic feature of Balinese-style homes is the presence of spacious gardens. This is important to consider when choosing a home. A large garden not only enhances air circulation around the house but also provides space for gardening hobbies or vehicle parking.


  1. High Walls as Enclosure


Balinese-style homes are often surrounded by high walls. Besides providing privacy, these walls also help to reduce noise and minimize dust entering the house. Choose bright colors for these tall walls to create a sense of spaciousness.


  1. Efficient Open Space Concept


The open space concept is crucial in Balinese-style home design. It allows for room arrangement without the need for permanent walls, creating a simple yet spacious ambiance. This concept also helps save costs as it requires minimal furniture.


  1. Use of Natural Stone


Natural stone is an important element in Balinese-style homes to create a natural atmosphere. Usually installed on house walls or as part of the garden, stones like andesite are often chosen for their exclusive colors, textures, and affordability.


  1. Distinctive Entrance Doors


The entrance doors of Balinese homes, known as “angkul-angkul,” are small in size but create a grand impression. Their simple design now blends well with modern home styles while still clearly defining the boundary between interior and exterior.


  1. Effective Air Ventilation System


Balinese homes usually have large windows and numerous air vents for good air circulation. This keeps the house cool even without air conditioning.


  1. Tropical Plants Surrounding the House


The natural ambiance of Bali is also characterized by the presence of tropical plants around the house. Suitable plants include lotus, frangipani, fan palm, jasmine, pine, and decorative palms.


  1. Easy-to-Maintain Wooden and Rattan Furniture


Wooden and rattan furniture are perfect for complementing Balinese-style homes. They are easy to maintain with regular cleaning and polishing, and they have excellent durability.


If you want to bring the Balinese atmosphere into your home, start searching for the right references to make it happen now.

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