Perhatian Terhadap Pertumbuhan Jamur pada Perabot Kayu saat Musim Hujan: 7 Strategi Ampuh

Wooden furniture is highly susceptible to mold growth, especially when the rainy season arrives due to increased humidity. Additionally, a lack of regular cleaning can be a trigger for mold growth on wooden furniture.


Mold can damage and cause the wood material of the furniture to decay. How can one address mold on wooden furniture? Based on advice from Activ Furniture, here are seven effective tips for eliminating mold on wooden furniture.


  1. Drying Furniture Under the Sun

One effective method for mold removal is to dry the furniture under the sunlight. Since high humidity triggers mold growth on wooden furniture, exposure to sunlight can kill the mold. However, it’s essential not to dry it for too long to prevent damage to the furniture’s color from direct sunlight.


  1. Using Cleaning Fluid

Another method to address mold is by using cleaning fluid. Apply the cleaning fluid periodically to the parts of the furniture affected by mold until the mold completely disappears.


  1. Alcohol as an Alternative

Another alternative is to use alcohol with a 70% concentration. Use a dry cloth to drop alcohol and apply it to the surface of the mold-infected wooden furniture. Repeat this process several times until the mold completely disappears. Alcohol also has the effect of preventing mold growth, but be sure to use protective glasses and a face mask when cleaning with alcohol.


  1. Lime and Salt Solution

In addition to chemical substances, mold on wooden furniture can be addressed with natural ingredients such as a solution of lime and salt. Mix lime juice and salt, then scrub the moldy areas with an old toothbrush. Repeat this process until the mold disappears.


  1. Using Camphor Inside Furniture

Preventing mold growth and unpleasant odors can be achieved by placing camphor inside furniture, such as in wardrobes. The scent of camphor can inhibit mold growth, and be sure to replace camphor regularly.


  1. Placing Lights Near Furniture

Mold tends to grow in areas with less light. Install neon lights in the room, especially near wooden furniture, as the heat from the lights can prevent and kill mold. Lights can also be installed inside wardrobes to prevent humidity.


  1. Coating with Varnish or Melamine

Varnish and melamine, besides enhancing the visual appeal of wooden furniture, are effective in preventing mold growth. These two materials are often used in the finishing process of making wooden furniture.

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