Keuntungan dan Kerugian Bisnis Kontrakan serta Sewa Apartemen dengan Panduan Memulainya

There are various options of property business and investment suitable for beginners, one of which is renting and apartment leasing business. Although it requires a large initial capital, the potential returns are commensurate with the investment. Both types of businesses offer profitable property investment opportunities in the Indonesian market, which still has a high demand for decent housing.


Advantages of Renting and Apartment Leasing Business:


  1. High Demand:

   – Properties located in city centers and near offices, businesses, and renowned universities have high demand.

   – Strategically located properties attract interest from various market segments such as office workers, entrepreneurs, and expatriates.


  1. Long-term Profitability:

   – This business can generate long-term passive income as the majority of tenants tend to occupy the property for a long duration.


  1. Increase in Sale Price:

   – Properties tend to appreciate in value over the years, providing significant profit potential upon resale.


  1. Increase in Rental Price:

   – The rental value of houses and apartments also tends to increase over time, offering stable income potential.


Disadvantages of Renting and Apartment Leasing Business:


  1. Tenant Risks:

   – Risks of having tenants who do not maintain the property or engage in negative activities such as criminal behavior.


  1. Payment Risks:

   – Risks of dealing with tenants who pay rent late or even experience payment defaults.


Tips for Starting a Renting and Apartment Leasing Business:


  1. Conduct Research:

   – Conduct market research to determine the appropriate rental price based on the location and quality of the property to be leased.


  1. Check Annual Expenses:

   – Calculate fixed and unexpected expenses to prepare the necessary funds.


  1. Routine Maintenance:

   – Perform regular property maintenance to maintain good condition and attractiveness for prospective tenants.


  1. Effective Promotion:

   – Advertise the property effectively, such as through reputable property agents.


  1. Be a Good Owner:

   – Create a comfortable and safe environment for tenants, and be friendly and responsible in business dealings.


By understanding the advantages, disadvantages, and following the tips mentioned above, you can start and manage a renting and apartment leasing business more effectively.

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