6 Warna Cat Rumah yang Akan Jadi Tren di 2024 dan Panduan Memilih Sesuai Feng Shui

As we usher in the new year, many aspects become trends, and house paint colors are among the latest predictions for interior trends in 2024. Approaching the end of the year, several colors have been forecasted as top choices that will trend in the coming year, and these colors can be applied as house paint.


House paint color trends can also be associated with the Feng Shui principles of 2024. Some believe that choosing the right colors can bring luck to the home’s occupants.


Here are 6 predicted house paint color trends for 2024, as reported by Veranda:


  1. Dark Colors: The spectrum of dark colors can create a balance between bright and light colors inside the house. Options range from dark brown and attention-grabbing black to deep blue and forest green. Sue Wadden, the Director of Color at Sherwin-Williams, notes that high-contrast is key to balancing the brightness of pink tones.


  1. Blue Colors: Blue remains a timeless and popular color. Predictions indicate a shift in the blue color trend towards more expansive and water-like shades by the end of 2024. Wadden refers to it as the “Upward” color, like light denim blue with a gray base.


  1. Purple Colors: Despite being bold, purple is considered a versatile choice. It’s predicted that soft purple hues will increase in popularity in 2024, especially when paired with pink, blue, and green.


  1. Pink Color: The influence of the Barbie movie fever in 2023 seems to continue into the color trends of 2024. Bright pink shades are expected to keep gaining popularity, aligning with a sense of nostalgia and optimism.


  1. Bright Colors: Bright colors like vibrant yellow and orange are predicted to be trends in 2024. Their combination, known as Electric Amber, creates luminous beauty, especially in textile design, jewelry, and garden areas.


  1. Green Color: Green remains popular in 2024, providing a calm and comfortable ambiance. In addition to earthy tones, dark green is also anticipated to capture attention.


Tips for Choosing House Paint Colors According to Feng Shui:


Choosing house paint colors can be based on Feng Shui principles. There are five basic natural elements in Feng Shui, and color choices can reflect these elements:


   – Wood Element: Green, light brown, and dark blue.

   – Water Element: Dark blue, black, white, gray, and metallic.

   – Fire Element: Red, orange, bright yellow, green, and light brown.

   – Metal Element: White, gray, metallic, dark brown, yellow, and other earth tones.

   – Earth Element: Dark brown, yellow, red, orange, and earthy tones.

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