6 Strategi Kreatif untuk Optimalisasi Ruang di Rumah Lewat Lorong Sempit

Optimizing the use of narrow hallways can be an effective method to maximize space within a home, in addition to providing an aesthetic touch that enhances the overall appearance of the house. In these confined hallways, choosing small-scale furniture can be a smart solution to ensure smooth movement. Here are several creative ideas for utilizing narrow hallways, as summarized from The Spruce on Wednesday (3/1/2024).


  1. Choose Proportional Furniture

As previously suggested, selecting slim and proportional furniture is a crucial key to decorating narrow hallways. For instance, a wooden console table can provide visual appeal while serving as a place to display decorative ornaments.


  1. Use Wall-Mounted Coat Hooks

Using wall-mounted coat hooks in narrow hallways can be a space-saving solution. Its functionality as a temporary storage space for clothing, jackets, or bags doesn’t occupy much space.


  1. Place Woven Baskets

Hanging woven baskets near the hallway entrance can be a clever alternative for additional storage, such as shoes or other accessories. In addition to being functional, aesthetically pleasing woven baskets can enhance the hallway’s visual appeal.


  1. Hang Mirrors for a Spatial Illusion

In narrow hallways, hanging mirrors can create an illusion of a brighter and more spacious area. Their ability to reflect light provides a visual effect that enlarges and brightens the space.


  1. Decorate with Paintings and Photos

Apart from mirrors, wall decorations like paintings and photos can also be hung in narrow hallways. The use of aesthetically pleasing wooden frames adds visual appeal, creating dimensions and depth in the space.


  1. Install Hanging Shelves for Functionality and Aesthetics

Installing hanging shelves can be a functional and aesthetic solution for storing decorative items or keys. Using shelves with colors contrasting the walls can create an interesting focal point in the hallway, making it not only functional but also visually appealing.

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