5 Tips agar Rumah Tetap Aman Selama Liburan

The holiday season has arrived, and many people have started their journeys to enjoyable destinations. However, before leaving your home, it is important to ensure that the surroundings remain secure from potential criminal activities or other unexpected incidents.


Here are five tips from the Instagram account @jombangsiaga_112 to keep your home safe during the holidays:


  1. Ensure All Doors and Windows are Securely Locked


Before leaving the house for vacation, always check if all doors and windows are properly locked. This action can help prevent the risk of criminal activities, such as unwanted theft.


  1. Place Valuables in a Secure Location


Make sure to store valuable items in a place that is difficult to reach or find. This step will reduce the risk of losing valuable belongings during the holiday.


  1. Turn Off Electricity and Disconnect Gas Supply


Before departing, make sure to turn off all electricity and disconnect the gas supply in the house. This action can prevent incidents beyond control, such as electrical shorts or gas leaks that may lead to a fire.


  1. Activate CCTV System


Always activate the CCTV system installed at home when leaving, especially during the holidays. This will assist in detecting and recording unexpected events, such as theft or attempted break-ins.


  1. Bid Farewell to Neighbors


Before leaving, don’t forget to bid farewell to neighbors, especially if your journey is quite far. This will inform neighbors that the house is vacant, and homeowners can request assistance from neighbors to watch over the house during the vacation.


By following these tips, it is hoped that you can leave your home with a more peaceful mind during the holidays. Stay vigilant and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Enjoy your vacation!

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