5 Aspek Penting Dalam Dekorasi Rumah yang Sesuai untuk Individu Introvert

The layout of home decor tends to indirectly reflect the personality of its inhabitants. Someone with an outgoing character often opts for unique and ‘bold’ furniture. But what about introverted individuals? According to Sasha Bikoff, an interior designer in New York City, introverts tend to prefer less aggressive designs. Hanna Callaway, an interior designer from ExFloorit, adds that since introverts enjoy their alone time, they desire rooms that are simple, balanced, calm, and natural.


Here are some crucial elements in home decoration and design that are suitable for introverted individuals.


  1. Calm Color Choices

Introverted individuals tend to favor calm colors, such as light brown or pastel shades. Callaway suggests cream, chocolate, gray, navy blue, and muted green. When selecting patterns, introverts lean towards subtle ones, like thin lines and small circular designs, in line with their preference for tranquil colors.


  1. Simple Design

Introverted individuals have a tendency to appreciate simplicity, such as Scandinavian or farmhouse styles. They prefer minimalist rooms that focus on silence and orderliness to organize their thoughts.


  1. Dedicated Space for Hobbies

Having a specific room for pursuing hobbies is essential for introverted individuals. For instance, creating a small library in a corner of the room for those who enjoy reading books.


  1. Smaller Seating Options

Introverted individuals prefer seating that is not too large, such as small chairs or window-side seating. This allows them to sit closer to their loved ones and create a comfortable layout.


  1. Use of Curtains

Curtains play a crucial role in a room for introverted individuals. When they don’t want to socialize, they can close the curtains to create privacy and comfort in the room.

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