Bali architecture has become a popular choice in various locations, including residential areas and apartments.


Not only does it have a captivating appearance, but Bali house design also offers various appealing functions that attract many people. This includes the characteristics of a house that harmonizes with nature, proper room division, and adaptation to the Indonesian climate.


Bali architecture is known for its tropical and simple design, capable of providing comfort and protection.


For those interested in living in a Bali-inspired dwelling, it’s important to understand the characteristics of this architecture.


Characteristics of Bali House Architecture


  1. Use of Natural Building Materials

In Balinese tradition, the choice of building materials was originally based on the caste system in Hindu culture. However, nowadays, the selection of building materials is no longer tied to a person’s caste. Many modern Bali houses combine traditional architecture with modern elements.


  1. Various Distinctive Balinese Ornaments

In addition to ensuring that the home environment aligns with nature, houses with Bali design retain distinctive Balinese ornaments, even with a modern touch. These ornaments may include spiritual walls as the functional boundaries of the building, gazebos in the middle of the yard, and even the construction of small temples around the house for a more pronounced traditional impression.


  1. Neat Room Structure

Each room in a traditional Balinese house has a neat layout, following the Hindu Tri Angga philosophy that divides it into three levels: Utama (main), Madya (middle), and Nista (lowest). Each area has its own function, and it is believed that violating these rules will bring certain consequences. Parts of the house include Angkul-Angkul for the gate, Aling-Aling for the wall, Bale Daja for the main bedroom, and Bale Dauh for the boys’ bedroom.


5 Elegant Bali House Design Inspirations


  1. Bali House Design with Tropical Garden

Bali design is not only reflected in the building but also in the garden. Bali houses often have gardens filled with various tropical plants, sculptures, or carvings made of natural stone. A fish pond in the middle of the garden can enhance the strong natural ambiance.


  1. Bali House with Swimming Pool

Bali houses equipped with swimming pools are a popular choice, especially when the design includes bale bengong (relaxation pavilion) and gazebos. The use of wood elements on the pool deck, along with tropical plants around it, creates a calming natural appearance.


  1. Natural Color Combination

Bali house design should pay attention to a color combination that harmonizes with wood, glass, and stone. Colors such as white, cream, and light gray are suitable for outdoor areas, reducing the absorption of sunlight that can damage walls.


  1. Bali Resort-Style House

The concept of Bali homes has become diverse, including minimalist modern, contemporary, and resort-style residences. Homes with a resort concept offer spacious outdoor areas and luxurious nuances suitable for urban dwellers.


  1. Bali Interior Design

Bali house interiors focus on natural elements, with the use of furniture materials such as wood, bamboo, and other natural materials. Adding potted plants and wooden carvings to the interior can enhance the natural impression, along with placing Bali-style furniture such as statues and umbrellas.


By combining these design characteristics and inspirations, you can create a dwelling with an elegant and comfortable Bali touch.

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