4 Tantangan dalam Membangun Rumah Modern Berkelanjutan

The understanding of sustainability has become increasingly integral in various aspects of life, including technology. In response to global climate change, numerous innovations in green technology have been developed to harness renewable energy sources, reduce energy consumption, and preserve environmental sustainability. These green technologies are an ideal choice for implementation in modern homes, which are the dreams of many.


However, in the process of constructing modern homes that prioritize sustainable values, there are four challenges that need to be addressed:


  1. Efficiency Challenge

Modern homes tend to consume more electricity, especially for electronic devices, comfort-supporting appliances, security systems, and household activities. To address this, it is important to implement energy management and automation.


  1. Resilience and Resilience Challenge

Electrical short circuits remain a frequent risk, both domestically and internationally. Examples of electrical short circuits leading to fires demonstrate significant potential harm to homeowners. Therefore, enhancing resilience and resilience to these risks needs to be a focus in the construction of modern homes.


  1. Sustainability Challenge

The importance of promoting and educating about the application of sustainability principles in building modern homes cannot be overlooked. These efforts are necessary to reduce negative impacts on the environment and address climate change.


  1. Personalization Challenge

Due to many individuals spending significant time at home, whether for work or interacting with family, the role of technology in the context of digitization becomes crucial. Personalizing homes through technology can create environments that suit the needs and preferences of each resident, supporting moments of quality and productivity.

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