Bali, the island of gods renowned for its natural beauty, stunning beaches, and rich culture, is often considered a dream destination for many holidaymakers.


When planning a trip with a group, the choice of accommodation becomes a crucial aspect to consider. While hotels are generally the primary choice, renting a villa in Bali can be an attractive alternative with various options, ranging from luxury villas to beachfront villas, and modern or traditional-style villas.


Here are some reasons why renting a villa is more advantageous than staying in a hotel when vacationing with a group in Bali:


  1. Higher Privacy:

   Villas offer a higher level of privacy compared to hotels. With the entire villa for your group, you can enjoy moments together without being disturbed by other guests. Private swimming pools and outdoor areas become exclusive relaxation spots.


  1. Comprehensive Facilities:

   Villas are usually equipped with complete facilities such as kitchens, dining areas, and even BBQ spaces. This allows groups to prepare their own meals or hire a personal chef for a more personalized culinary experience. With larger spaces, villas also provide comfortable living rooms for gatherings.


  1. Economical for Groups:

   Despite the perception that renting a villa is more expensive, when compared to hotel costs for a group requiring multiple rooms, villas can be a more economical option. The costs can be divided among group members, making it more affordable.


  1. Time and Space Flexibility:

   Villas offer greater flexibility in terms of time and space. You are not bound by mealtime rules and hotel policies. With the entire villa, you can plan your activities and enjoy time together without limitations of confined spaces.


  1. Connection with Nature and Local Culture:

   Villas are often located in more natural environments and close to local culture, providing an opportunity to experience Bali’s daily life and connect with the surrounding nature. Some villas even offer breathtaking beach or rice field views.


  1. More Intimate Personal Service:

   Villas typically provide personal staff such as chefs, cleaners, and security guards. This service is more intimate and can be tailored to the needs of your group, creating a more personal and exclusive lodging experience.


  1. Event and Entertainment Flexibility:

   Villas allow flexibility to host private events or entertainment, such as barbecue parties, pool parties, or family gatherings. This is challenging in hotels with strict rules regarding activities and events. Some Bali wedding villas even offer facilities for weddings.


With these considerations, renting a villa in Bali can be an enticing choice, providing an unforgettable holiday experience for your group. With a combination of privacy, comprehensive facilities, and a closer connection to local culture, a villa can be the perfect accommodation for your vacation on this island.

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